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When I first started using chalk style paint, I would paint the piece of furniture or picture frame then go looking for other items that weren’t  timber.

Here are many different types of containers, pottery both mat and highly glazed, wooden etc., I even painted cork stoppers. The chalk style paint settled well onto all.
This was a little brown one cup tea pot, when brown was all the go. It was in the back of a cupboard, not being used and now sits proudly on a shelf in full view,
img_0960 Here are two terracotta canisters, I added the bows to bring in the heritage red colour.

So you see, it’s easy to test what will take the chalk paint and what the chalk paint will like.

I’ve painted on timber, plastic, terracotta, all types of pottery, metal, you name it, I’ve probably painted it.

While I am painting, I don’t get many visitors, phone calls but not visits, I think my friends and relatives feel I may paint them if they stand still.

About My Site – I have had a lot of websites over the years that I have been online.  Mostly they have been sites on a topic, hobby, way to make money, an interest.  But…this site is about me and what takes my interest, something I’m curious about, sometimes politics.


Sometimes it will be like I’m sitting in my garden, having a tea or coffee and having a chat.

I used to have a nick-name during the time I had my florist shops – affectionately  – ‘Have-A-Chat’,  because I was always there to chat to people, listen to their stories, concerns, about their family you name it, and I listened.

If they wanted advice and I could give them some good advice, then I would give it.  I also learned a lot and became fond of many people and enriched my world and I thank each and everyone of them.

While building the other sites I learned a lot.  Most of them I had to research the topic and while doing that I became interested and so my knowledge increased.

Retiring from the work-a-day world I continued to research, learn, find that things I loved to do way back when, I still loved to do and I had time to do them.

So My Site is going to be, no topic in particular more – what I like, what I don’t like, anything gardening, chalk style painting, furniture, old furniture, redecorating, makeovers and lots more.

So if you want to follow along then bookmark My Site and come back whenever you like.


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This is my website about the things I like and what I do and have done...