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service-632813_1280I have been saying to myself and anyone else who would listen that I would like to learn how to use power tools and make ‘things’. I know Bunnings have lessons at times but overtime I check the lessons are for children. Now I know I would be in that category as far as knowledge goes but…I would like to be with other adults, nothing worse than a little child showing you up. At least if it is another adult it doesn’t look so bad.

Well yesterday while listening to the radio, there was a lady interviewed who has started a place where someone like me can go and have lessons to use power tools, build things, take a piece of furniture and upcycle to bring it into today and make it useful again.

And…guess what this place is called, She Skills or The She Shed…I have found like-minded ladies, well when I go to my first class I will have.


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