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piano-1239729_1280My name is, as you can see by the title of this website, Carmel Baird.  I was born a long time ago and this site is about what I do, what I like and what I am.I believe, who you are depends on so many things.  Your family, your position within your family, first, second, third  born etc etc has much to do with who you are.

I was the third born and the second girl.  So  I had an older sister and older brother to guide me, not always the right way either.  The time you are born is important too, what era etc.

challis stOnce again I was fortunate as I grew up in a safe environment, we could play with our neighbours, we also lived in a great street, a little U-shaped cul-de-sac, with a laneway connecting to a main street leading to the local shopping centre.

Our parents were confident that we could play in the street, go up to the shops together and be safe.  The other parents in the street were able to correct our behavour if we stepped out of line, the parents all had similar values, it was like having one big family.  We didn’t get away with much and we knew to respect our elders and each other.  Needless to say we have been in touch with our childhood friends all our lives – just like family.

So my journey that started in Challis Street has been a long travelled one.  Many of the things I am, things that I like, views I have on many topics (don’t ask me something unless you want to know what I think), are because of growing up in that wonderful place.  The houses are gone, not demolished though, gone mostly to the Lockyer Valley region, the little street still has a name, although no one lives in it any more.  Townhouses replaced our homes and all inside a complex.

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This is my website about the things I like and what I do and have done...