Carmel Baird


brisbane-1433132_1280About me, I’m an Australian, actually a Queenslander who lives in the South East region of Queensland.  We have a special club that Queenslanders belong to, no club fees, our club house is all over the State, we are very proud, loyal and love our State with a passion.  Just watch any sport that has the QLD tag….

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Who Am I

vase-1407226_1280My name is, as you can see by the title of this website, Carmel Baird.  I was born a long time ago and this site is about what I do, what I like and what I am.

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Some Of Me…

  • I love music
  • Also Non-fiction books
  • Gardens and gardening
  • Painting furniture and anything that will stay still long enough

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woman-157177There will be posts and pages on my site about lots of different things.  Some topical, I’m old enough to have an opinion on most things.  I get frustrated with the world and our so called leaders, so I will have the odd rant and rave.  You may be interested, you may not but sometimes I can make a lot of sense, other times well….

  1. Sport
  2. Rugby
  3. Golf
  4. Surfing
  5. Cricket. More In no particular order→


photograph-1020131_1280I’m not a good photographer but since the iPhone, I’ve improved

  • I could travel the world and not think to take a photo
  • I do have lots of photos now of things I like and stuff I do.

More things!


  • I like nature, love frogs, don’t like to touch them though
  • I like nature that comes into my garden, spiders, birds like George W’s, bush turkeys and my beautiful blue crane who visits sometimes
  • I love old furniture with or without character
  • Cats and dogs, butcher birds who visit.
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This is my website about the things I like and what I do and have done...